Boating Certification Information

Who Needs A Certificate?


To legally operate any boat with a motor, or a sailboat 19 1/2 feet in length or longer,

  • residents of Connecticut,
  • persons owning real property in Connecticut, or
  • persons with vessels registered in Connecticut

must have either

  • a Safe Boating Certificate (SBC),
  • a Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO) or
  • a valid vessel operator license* issued by the United States Coast Guard

Personal Watercraft (PWC) only (i.e. trademarked brand names Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Sea-Doo) Any person operating a personal watercraft must possess either 

  • a Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (CPWO) issued by Connecticut or
  • a certificate issued by a state with a reciprocal agreement by Connecticut.

Connecticut recognizes certificates from New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island for use upon our waters.

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How To Get A Certificate
  1. Obtain a CT Conservation ID here.
  2. Take a boating safety course approved by DEEP. You may find these on DEEP’s website or online. More info here.
  3. Pay a one time $50 fee to obtain the boating certificate.