Lake Stewardship

Homeowner tips for living on Candlewood Lake

Waterfront Regulations

Understanding your responsibilities and the specific rules that apply to being a waterfront property owner.

Milfoil Control

Understanding milfoil, what is being done to control it, and what you as a homeowner are allowed to do in front of your home.

Septic Systems

Tips for an efficient septic system that helps keep Candlewood Lake healthy.

Watershed Protection

Understanding the watershed you live in and how it affects water quality in the Lake.

Property Design

Learn how to enhance your property AND protect the Lake!

Lake-Friendly Living

Tips for living a happy and healthy life at the lake.

Considerate boating when Candlewood Lake is busy
  1. Be Considerate of the noise you generate and cognizant that sound travels over water.
  2. Be Informed of state regulations intended to protect everyone on the lake including, no wake within 100 feet of shore, no boating under the influence.
  3. Be on the Lookout for swimmers, tubers, paddleboarders, and keep a safe and comfortable distance from them.