Water Sports

Water Sports at Candlewood Lake

Candlewood plays host to any number of water sport enthusiasts throughout the summer.  You name the water sport, chances are the waters of Candlewood Lake have seen it.  Whether you're skilled enough to run all 6 buoys of a slalom course or get enough air on a wakeboard so that you're in the company of one of our American Bald Eagles, we think you'll find Candlewood Lake's waters accommodating.  If you're out for a leisurely day of fun tubing behind the family boat, Candlewood Lake has water for you too.

If you head out to enjoy Candlewood Lake's water sport opportunities, please be courteous of other user groups.  The water must be shared with everyone.  Avoid getting too close to fishing boats or others.  Follow CT laws with regard to minimum operating distances from shore. If waters are busy with lots of boats, as they can be on weekends and holidays, consider a less busy area or time to avoid potential problems.