Mission & History

Our Mission

The Candlewood Lake Authority provides lake, shoreline and watershed management to foster the preservation and enhancement of recreational, economic, scenic, public safety and environmental values of the Lake for the City of Danbury and the Towns of Brookfield, New Fairfield, New Milford and Sherman in cooperation with the State of Connecticut and the hydro power owner of the lake.

Our History

In 1972 the Candlewood Lake Authority was formed under Connecticut State Statutes Sec. 7-151a  by ordinances of the five Lake municipalities:  Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield, New Milford and Sherman.  At the time, its primary function was to provide public safety and administrative support for the Marine Patrol, which was enforcing boating regulations under the authority of a State of Connecticut law enforcement agency.  

In the early 1980's local communities witnessed a rise in pollutants, algae blooms and invasive Eurasian watermilfoil, and the subsequent decline in water quality emerged as an equally important Lake-related issue that needed to be addressed.  The Candlewood Lake Authority expanded its role to envelop conservation and protection of the ecological assets of Candlewood Lake including its water quality.   

Today, the Candlewood Lake Authority actively collaborates with all of the lake’s many stakeholders to champion responsible recreation and conservation of the lake.