Conservation Fast Facts

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Since 2015, the CLA has stocked roughly 8000 sterilized grass carp in Candlewood Lake, and 585 in Squantz Pond to help manage invasive milfoil plants.
  2. The CLA takes important water chemistry measurements at 5 locations on Candlewood and Squantz monthly from May-October, and have been consistently since 1983.
  3. One of the single easiest ways to help protect Candlewood Lake in your home is to avoid using fertilizers in your lawn, or if you do use fertilizer, make sure it is Phosphorus free.
  4. In 2020, nearly 50 solitary zebra mussels were discovered on the shores of Candlewood Lake. The CLA is currently assessing the state of the mussel population in Candlewood Lake.
  5. The Drawdown (lowering of the water level) is a tool used by FirstLight Power to help manage plants in Candlewood Lake. The Drawdown season usually begins on December 1st and Ends in Mid-April when the lake level is returned to normal. We do not know the specific dates when the lake will be at certain depths, so we recommend you remove everything from the shores of the lake to avoid possible damage to docks/other recreational items from ice.
  6. We take monthly rake samples at the public launches around the lake to search for possible invasive plants during the summer.
  7. Need a permit for work on the shoreline? Contact Firstlight at 
Need a permit for work on the shoreline?

Contact Firstlight at