Lake Diving

Diver Down!

Candlewood Lake is a popular dive spot. Since this is a manmade lake, and there were once homes (as well as Native American settlements) in the area, various artifacts of interest can be observed on the Lake bed. With that being said, diving Candlewood is "low-visibility" diving.  

Going down into the depths of Candlewood Lake is not like diving in the Caribbean... you will soon lose the light that the sun provides and you need to be prepared. 

Please dive safely, follow all CT regulations and if you are not familiar with diving Candlewood Lake, please contact an area dive store and they can help to prepare you.

Attention Boaters:  Remember that the red flag with the white diagonal stripe means there's a diver below the surface of the water.

PLEASE obey the laws and stay AT LEAST 100 feet away.