Controlling Milfoil At Your Waterfront Residence

For property owners or companies who wish to remove milfoil or other invasive aquatic plants from Candlewood Lake. 
Steps to remove Milfoil

Each year the lake's vegetation is mapped.  This information is used for a variety of reasons, including to help determine how many sterile grass carp to put in the Lake.  It's important that we know when areas have had their milfoil removed by humans so that it can be taken into account for the mapping.

Please register here when you perform milfoil removal activities, such as those below.

As mentioned in our Lake-wide Milfoil Control page, there are currently two milfoil control options being used that target the whole lake.  Since the mid-1980's the owner's of the Lake have done biennial deep winter drawdowns to help keep the milfoil in check.

As of 2015, the CLA has started a sterile trioploid grass carp stocking program, designed to compliment the winter drawdowns, and aid in the milfoil control efforts on Candlewood Lake.

There are a few options for people who are looking for some additional control in front of their residence - including cutters, benthic barriers and suction harvesting / hand pulling (images left to right below). 

Please ensure that any cut or pulled milfoil is properly disposed of.