Your Septic System

Why is your septic system important when it comes to the health of the Lake?  

A septic system breaks down solid waste and the leaching fields distribute the liquid waste to the surrounding soils.  The soils then treat liquid waste before it leaches to ground or surface waters.  If your leaching field isn’t working properly, those nutrients could making their way to the waters of Candlewood Lake, contributing to the nutrient loading that fuels algae and other aquatic growth as well as creating other health hazards.  Here are some tips to keeping a lake-friendly septic system.

  1. Pump your septic system least once every three years, but the need may increase based on your usage.
  2. Don’t dump chemicals, fats/grease or products other than septic safe toilette paper down your toilette or sinks.  These products can impair the function of your septic system, reducing the breakdown of solids and clogging septic lines.  Avoid garbage disposal use.
  3. Inspect or have your system inspected.  Lush green lawn over your septic field is just one indication of a failing septic system.
  4. Use no-phosphorous laundry detergent and dish detergent.  They can be found in most grocery stores.  The phosphorous in detergents can lead to increased algae growth in the lake.