Help us search for Zebra Mussels During the Deep Drawdown!

February 10, 2023 / 5 mins read
Want to help us search for Zebra Mussels during the deep drawdown? You can volunteer to search the shoreline for mussels, and report any findings on this form (Note that you can easily determine your GPS start and end locations by tapping your location on the Google Maps app on your phone):
Look at the picture below for a comparison of Zebra Mussels to Asian Clams and Native Mussels -- both of which already exist in Candlewood Lake. Note that Asian Clams can also have a dark brown or black color. Zebra mussels are finger-nail-sized, striped mussels that like to attach to hard surfaces. Contrary to the photo, zebra mussels can also sometimes be found in lake sediment as well. If you think you found a zebra mussel -- remove it, take a photo, and email it to to confirm the ID!